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Support Partnership - ashadham

Our support & Partnership

  • A dispensary was constructed with the biannual assistance of Udaipur Cooperative Bank Ltd. Tables, chairs and the Bank also provided curtains.
  • Residents are kept engaged in different activates such as vermi composting, gardening, working cattle and running the biogas plant operation.
  • It is a Herculean task to fulfil the requirements of all our residents, but our volunteers, with dedication and humanitarian attitude, perform all those things. Through the love and affection of our volunteers, all tasks related to residents are being dealt with.
  • Shri. Laxman Singh Mehta had a gas plant constructed.
  •  The Ashram got registered under FCRA. Ashram is eligible to accept foreign grants.
  •  Shri. Dinesh Galumdia had the remaining building work completed.
  •  Smt. Shashi Agarwal donated a cow.
  •  Dr. Rao had a shed constructed for cows.
  •  Donation of steel shutters for the rooms on the first floor.
  •  Smt. Agarwal donated a cow.
  • The grand in-laws of Mrs Archna, daughter of Shri. Abhay Kumar Jain, retired RAS, donated 50 beds with bed sheets to the Ashram.
  •  Smt. Kiran Babel got a building constructed in the memory of her husband, the late Shri Chatav Singh Ji Babel, at an amount of Rs.5 lacs.
  •  The Arya Sisters donated a sum of Rs.1 lacs for the construction of a building in the Ashram is memory of their brother, the late Shri. Basant Kumar. A servant room and working room were constructed using this amount.
  •  Shri. Sanjay Bhandari and Smt. Archana Bhandari donated a washing machine.
  •  Municipal Council UDAIPUR (MCU) sanctioned an amount of Rs. 1.5 lacs for the construction of a hall 30′ x 35′. Construction is ongoing.
  •  Panchayat Sisarma got a hand-pump.
  •  Dr. Kanchan Agamal Trust had a shed constructed for the worm compost
  •  During this year, 55 persons came into the Ashram. Out of them, 41 inmates went back to their homes, 14 inmates expired and presently 60 inmates are living in the Ashram.
  •  Rajasthan Patrician honored Sister Damian on 21st February 2006 for her efforts in the field of social service.

The grant received from Messiah Organizations was completed as below:

  •  Constructed first floor of 36′ x 60′ on women’s department
  •  Constructed first floor of 30′ x 35′ on the building earlier constructed through the financial assistance of Miss Rozi.
  •  Constructed 60′ x 24′ on ground floor for a patient room and office.
  •  A gas-plant was set up with public co-operation.
  •  Lions Club donated a solar water heater.
  •  Shri. Sanjay Bhatnager donated the main iron gate.
  •  Smt. Usha Ranga bears the petrol expenses of the vehicles